May Month Current Affairs 2021 in English

May Month Current Affairs 2021 in English

Question-1: Former Indian fast bowler who has passed away recently due to Corona infection-

Answer: Rajendra Singh Jadeja

Question-2: Which country has Iran exited from the Farzad-B gas project recently?

Answer: India

Question-3: Which state government has announced a compensation of Rs. 50,000 for every family lost to a member from Kovid-19 in the capital?

Answer: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal

Question-4: World AIDS Vaccine Day is celebrated on

Answer: 18 May

Question-5: Chaman Lal Gupta Former defense minister and senior leader who died in Jammu on May 18, 2021, after prolonged illness belongs to which party?

Answer: BJP

Question-6 According to the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, between 2009-10 and 2020-21, the total number of elephants killed due to the grip of trains across India.

Answer: 186           

 Question-7 Which state government launched the ‘Corona Mukta Pind’ campaign in India?

Answer: Punjab    

Question-8 Which 42 million years old extinct fish has recently been caught from the Indian Ocean, Madagascar?

Answer: Coelacanth fish

Question-9 Where did Maharashtra Chamber of Commerce Industries and Agriculture (MCCIA) in partnership with NABARD set up the country’s first Agricultural Export Facilitation Center?

Answer: Pune

Question-10 Which isotope of iron older than the solar system was discovered by the scientists of the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organization in the depths of the Pacific Ocean?

Answer: Iron-60

Question-11 Which Indian-origin scientist was first honored with the prestigious ‘Millennium Technology Award 2020’ called Nobel in the field of technology?

Answer: Shankar Balasubramanian

Question-12 Which state government has declared Mucaramicosis (Black Fungus) disease an epidemic?

Answer: Rajasthan

Question-13 Who has been appointed as Pakistan’s new National Security Advisor?

Answer: Moeed Yusuf

Question-14 Former Rajasthan Chief Minister has died at the age of 93 after being hit by Corona his name is?

Answer: Jagannath Pahadia

Question-15 On what day is World Metrology Day celebrated?

Answer: 20 May

Question-16 The world’s first private digital court was developed by which company?

Answer: Jupitus justice technology

Question-17 Who has become the first woman Prime Minister of Samoa?

Answer: Faye Naomi Mata ‘Fa

Question-18: Which two animals of Kaziranga National Park got a place in the global ‘New Big 5’ list?

Answer: Elephant and Tiger

Question-19: Which state government launched the “HIT” Kovid app to monitor Kovid-19 patients living in isolation at home?

Answer: Bihar Government.

Question-20: With whom did the Indian government partner to digitally educate children in schools running in tribal areas of the country?

Answer: Microsoft

Question-21: Which home testing kit has approved by the Indian Testing Council (ICMR) for testing of Kovid-19?

Answer: Kovicelf

Question-22 Which country has sent a new satellite monitoring the ocean into the Earth’s orbit?

Answer: China

Question-23: Who has become the Chief Minister of Kerala for the second consecutive time?

Answer: Pinarayi Vijayan

Question-24: Who has been appointed as the head coach of the Indian cricket team for the tour of Sri Lanka –

Answer: Rahul Dravid

Question-25: Who launched a news showcase with 30 news publishers in India?

Answer: Google

Question-26: Who is the author of the book The Tale of the horse: A history of India on horseback?

Answer: Yashaswini Chandra

Question-7: Recently China starts its largest nuclear power project with which country?

Answer: Russia

Question-28: Recently, the world’s largest iceberg A-76 broke apart from which continent?

Answer: Antarctica

Question-29: Which organization developed the oxygen concentrator named ‘Breathe’?

Answer: ISRO

Question-30: How many sites in India were included in UNESCO’s possible list of World Heritage Sites?

Answer: Six

Question-31: Which bank has recently launched a digital loan processing system?

Answer: IDBI Bank

Question-32: What is A-76 which has been in the news recently in the context of environmental science?

Answer: ice floe

Question-33: The central government has increased the subsidy on DAP fertilizer by what percentage?

Answer: 140 percent

Question-34: International Biodiversity Day is celebrated on which date every year?

Answer: 21 May

Question-35: Which proponent of the Chipko movement passed away recently who was honored by Padma Vibhushan?

Answer: Sundar Lal Bahuguna

Question-36: Where will the FIFA Women’s Under-17 World Cup be held in 2022?

Answer:  India

Question-37: Who is the author of the book Battle for the Soul: Inside Democrat’s Campaigns to Defeat Trump.

Answer: Edward Isaac Dover

Question-38: After 1969, the process of formation of Legislative Council was started again in which state?

Answer: West Bengal

Question-39: Which Indian is awarded the ‘World Choreography Award 2020’, this award is also called the Oscar Award for Dance?

Answer: Suresh Mukund

Question-40: Where will the FIFA World Cup 2022 be held?

Answer: Qatar

Question-41 Which 25-year-old browser will be liberated from Microsoft on 15 June 2022?

Answer: Internet explorer

Question-42 Which India’s first Dronacharya awardee in boxing died as of late?

Answer: O.P Bhardwaj

Question-43 Who turned into the Leader of the Indian College of Oxford College Understudies’ Association?

Answer: Annavi Bhutani

Question-44 Which digital money set up by Indians were included in the best 20 digital currencies in the world?

Answer: Poligan

Question-45: Which organization designed an indigenously developed kit called ‘Dipcoven’ for corona antibody screening?

Answer: DRDO

Question-46: Which affiliation was granted the popular “Ateney Gilchitz Award” for its commitment to the advancement and improvement of sports in the country?

Answer: Hockey India

Question-47: The country whose Supreme Court has consented to hear an allure by Indian townspeople against a power plant in Gujarat.

Answer: America

Question-48: The Satpura Tiger Reserve, which has been added to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list, is located in which state of India?

Answer: Madhya Pradesh

Question-49 Which 1985 cluster IPS official has been for all time designated as the Chief of Police of Delhi?

Answer: S.N Srivastava

Question-50 RBI has increased the full-KYC PPI limit from Rs 1 lakh to how many lakh rupees?

Answer: 2 lakhs

 Question-51 Which popular musician died as of late?

Answer: Laxman

Question-52 Who is the writer of the book “Buddha in Gandhara”?

Answer: Sunita Dwivedi

Question-53 Who was re-elected as the President of the International Hockey Federation?

Answer: Narendra Batra

Question-54 In which nation was the G-20 Global Health Conference 2021 held?

Answer: Italy

Question-55 Who became the first state in the nation to permit repayment of GST on gifts of Kovid things?

Answer: Haryana

Question-56 Who has been granted the “International Dublin Literature Prize 2021” for the book Lost Children’s Archives?

Answer: Valeria Luiselli, From Mexico

Question-57 Which organization has developed ultraviolet (UV) light-based disinfection systems for air conditioning and ventilation ducts, which can be used in auditoriums, large conference rooms, classrooms, malls and other public places?

Answer: Central Scientific Instruments Organisation, Chandigarh

Question-58 Which state government has announced the introduction of the ‘Ankur’ scheme, under which citizens will be honored for planting trees during the rainy season?

Answer: Madhya Pradesh

Question-59 What is the name of the winner of the prestigious ‘Etienne Glitchich Award’ given by the International Hockey Federation (FIH)?

Answer: Hockey India

Question-60 What is the name of the new Chief Executive Officer of Reserve Bank Innovation Hub (RBIH)?

Answer: Rajesh Bansal

Question-61 Who won the La Liga title after seven years defeating Valladolic?

Answer: Atletic madrid

Question-62 To be honest, who is the writer of the book?

Answer: Nina Gupta

Question-63 Which Ministry launched National Mobile Monitoring Software App (NMMS) and Area Officer Monitoring App?

Answer: Ministry of Rural Development

Question-64 What is the name of the previous administrator of the Nuclear Energy Commission (AEC) and senior atomic researcher who died recently on 23 May 2021?

Answer: Dr. Shekhar Basu

Question-65 With whom will TRIFED partner to implement “One Dhan Yojana” in the aspirant districts?

Answer: NITI Aayog

Question-66 Who is the winner of the ‘World Tobacco Prohibition Day 2021 Award’ announced by the Regional Office of the World Health Organization (WHO) for the Eastern Mediterranean?

Answer: Pakistan

Question-67 India and Israel are executing “India-Israel Agricultural Project Centers of Excellence” determined to make an ideal biological system in the agrarian area in India and whom?

Answer: Indo-Israel Village of Excellence

Question-68 Which space office dispatched a yearning “Moonlight” plan to telecommunications network around the moon that would make the moon the eighth continent?

Answer: European Space Agency

Question-69 Where did the country’s first remote ocean and most profound seaward gas field in Asia begin by Reliance and BP Krishna?

Answer: Bay of Bengal

Question-70 Which volcano, one of the most active and dangerous volcanoes in the world, located near the city of Goma, Congo, suddenly burst on 23 May 2021?

Answer: Mount Niragongo

Question-71 Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain designated which Indian resident filling in as a consular official at the British Deputy Commission in Chandigarh as a privileged individual from the ‘Most Excellent Order of the British Empire’ (MBE)?

Answer: Mohini Singh

Question-72 Who has been granted the International Dublin Literature Prize 2021?

Answer: Valeria Luiselli

Question-73 What is the name of the new overseeing chief and CEO of Indian Bank?

Answer: Shanti Lal Jain

Question-74 What is the name of the new director of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI)?

Answer: Subodh Kumar Jaiswal

Question-75 As indicated by the information of the World Gold Chamber (WGC), which nation has the most elevated gold holding on the planet as of April 2021?

Answer: United States of America (8,133.5 tons)

Question-76 Who is the writer of the book India and Asian Geopolitics: The Past, Present?

Answer: Shivshankar Menon

Question-77 Which International Hockey Stadium will currently be authoritatively known as Balbir Singh Senior Global Hockey Stadium?

Answer: Mohali

Question-78 Where was the world’s first eco-friendly floating house launched?

Answer: Dubai, UAE

Question-79 In which nation was the President and Prime Minister has arrested as of late by the military authorities?

Answer: Mali

Question-80 How many languages ​​have been issued by the Supreme Court for the ‘e-courts services’ app?

Answer: 14

Question-81 The West Bengal government’s cabinet approved the basic income scheme for women under whom Rs 1,000 will be given to each scheduled caste and scheduled tribe family and Rs 500 to each general category family?

Answer: Lakshmi-ra Bhandar

Question-82 On 27 May 2021, which state government implemented the “Essential Services Maintenance Act (ESMA), 1966” for the next six months in the state, which prohibits strike by employees in essential services?

Answer: Uttar Pradesh

Question-83 What is the position of the Indian ladies football association in FIFA world rankings?

Answer: 57th

Question-84 At present, what is the name of the Head of Intelligence Bureau (IB) whose tenure has been stretched out till 30 June 2022?

Answer: Arvind Kumar

Question-85 Name the beneficiary of the International Annie Prize 2020 ‘(also called the Energy Frontier Prize and considered the Nobel Prize in Energy Research)?

Answer: Professor C.N.R. Rao

Question-86 Ranked first in the latest ‘Corruption Perception Index’ (CPI)?

Answer: Denmark and New Zealand (87 points each)

Question-87 Which is the first state in the country to implement fish insurance?

Answer: Bihar

Question-88 Who turned into the first Indian to take the Corona Antibody Cocktail drug?

Answer: Mohabbat Singh, Haryana

Question-89 Who turned into the first Indian lady to turn into the head of the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB)?

Answer: Jagjit Pawadia

Question-90 Which Indian was granted the ‘Princess of Asturias Award’, Spain’s most noteworthy honor in the field of sociologies?

Answer: Amartya Sen

Question-91 Who is the Chief of Research and Analysis Wing (RAW)?

Answer: Samant Goel

Question-92 Who is at the top position in the most recent ODI batsmen rankings delivered by ICC?

Answer: Babar Azam

Question-93 Which state government began the Ankur scheme to encourage plantations during the monsoon season?

Answer: Madhya Pradesh

Question-94 Which space agency reported the sending of portable robots to the moon by 2023?

Answer: NASA

Question-95 Which lady made the world record for the quickest move of Everest in 25 hours 50 minutes?

Answer: Tsang Yin Hung, Hong Kong

Question-96 Who will be the new CEO of Amazon?

Answer: Andy Jassy

Question-97 Which board was framed by the World Health Organization and three other international organizations to keep the spread of infections from animals to humans?

Answer: One Health

Question-98 Which Indian was awarded posthumously by the United Nations ‘Dag Hammarskjölde Madel’ 2021?

Answer: Yuvraj Singh, Ivan Michael Picardo, and Moolchand Yadav

Question-99 Which Indian researcher and Bharat Ratna Professor were respected with the prestigious ‘International Annie Award 2020’ called Nobel for Energy Exploration?

Answer: C.N.R Rao

Question-100 Who became the President of Syria for the fourth time?

Answer: Bashar Al Assad

Question-101 Who will be the lone Indian ref to wrestle at the Tokyo Olympics?

Answer: Ashok Kumar

Question-102 Who has launched the facility of immediate allocation of PAN (permanent account number)?

Answer: Nirmala Sitharaman


Question-103 In which nation will the excess matches of IPL 2021 be played?

Answer: UAE

Question-104 Which plan was dispatched by the Ministry of Education to prepare young writers?

Answer: Pradhan Mantri Yojana Youth

Question-105 Who has been made a member of the Olympic Channel Commission by the Indian Olympic Affiliation (IOC)?

Answer: Narinder Batra

Question-106 Which OPD portal was launched by the central government to provide telemedicine services to military personnel?

Answer: SeHAT ( Services e-Health Assistance and Tele-Consultation)

Question-107 India has signed a loan agreement with ADB (Asian Development Bank) for the advancement of streets in which state?

Answer: Maharashtra

Question-108 How long has the 36th National Games been delayed because of Kovid-19?

Answer:  West Bengal

Question-109 When is World Appetite Day celebrated?

Answer: 28 May

Question-110 Who won the Europa League title for the first time in the history of 98 years by defeating the United English Football Club?

Answer: Spanish Club Villarreal