Daily Current Affairs in English and Hindi – 25 May 2021

25-May-2021, Current Affairs in English

Question-1 Who won the “La Liga” title after seven years defeating Valladolic?

Answer: Atletic madrid

Question-2 To be honest, who is the writer of the book?

Answer: Nina Gupta

Question-3 Which Ministry launched National Mobile Monitoring Software App (NMMS) and Area Officer Monitoring App?

Answer: Ministry of Rural Development

Question-4 Whatis the name of the previous administrator of the Nuclear Energy Commission (AEC) and senior atomic researcher who died recently on 23 May 2021?

Answer: Dr. Shekhar Basu

Question-5 With whom will TRIFED partner to implement “One Dhan Yojana” in the aspirant districts?

Answer: NITI Aayog

Question-6 Who is the winner of the ‘World Tobacco Prohibition Day 2021 Award’ announced by the Regional Office of the World Health Organization (WHO) for the Eastern Mediterranean?

Answer: Pakistan

Question-7 India and Israel are executing “India-Israel Agricultural Project Centers of Excellence” determined to make an ideal biological system in the agrarian area in India and whom?

Answer: Indo-Israel Village of Excellence

Question-8 Which space office dispatched a yearning “Moonlight” plan to telecommunications network around the moon that would make the moon the eighth continent?

Answer: European Space Agency

Question-9 Where did the country’s first remote ocean and most profound seaward gas field in Asia begin by Reliance and BP Krishna?

Answer: Bay of Bengal

Question-10 Which volcano, one of the most active and dangerous volcanoes in the world, located near the city of Goma, Congo, suddenly burst on 23 May 2021?

Answer: Mount Niragongo