Daily Current Affairs in English and Hindi – 20 May 2021

20-May-2021, Current Affairs in English and Hindi

Question-1 Which Indian-origin scientist was first honored with the prestigious ‘Millennium Technology Award 2020’ called Nobel in the field of technology?

Answer: Shankar Balasubramanian

Indian-origin scientist Shankar Balasubramanian has been awarded the prestigious ‘Millennium Technology Award 2020’ for the first time, called the Nobel in the field of technology. This award has been given to David Kleinerman along with Shankar Balasubramanian for their valuable contribution in the field of DNA sequencing. For the first time in 2004, this honor was given to Sir Tim Berners Lee who invented the www ie World Vibe Babe.

Question-2 Which state government has declared Mucaramicosis (Black Fungus) disease an epidemic?

Answer: Rajasthan

The Government of Rajasthan has declared the Mukaramycosis (Black fungus) disease as an epidemic under the Epidemic Act 2020. Along with this, the Haryana government has also declared black fungus as a notified disease.

Question-3 Who has been appointed as Pakistan’s new National Security Advisor?

Answer: Moeed Yusuf

Moeed Yousuf has been appointed as the new National Security Advisor of Pakistan.

Question-4 Former Rajasthan Chief Minister has died at the age of 93 after being hit by Corona his name is?

Answer: Jagannath Pahadia

Jagannath Pahadia, who was the former Chief Minister of Rajasthan, has died at the age of 93 due to corona.

Question-5 On what day is World Metrology Day celebrated?

Answer: 20 May

World Metrology Day is observed on 20 May.

Question-6 The world’s first private digital court was developed by which company?

Answer: Jupitus justice technology

The world’s first private digital court is developed by the Jupitus Justice Technology Company. It is a Chandigarh-based startup company whose CEO is Raman Agarwal.

Question-7 Who has become the first woman Prime Minister of Samoa?

Answer: Faye Naomi Mata ‘Fa

(Fame Naomi Mata’ Fa) has become the first female Prime Minister of Samoa. She became the Prime Minister by defeating Saile Malilegoi, who was the Prime Minister from 1998-2021 for the second-longest term in the world. The longest term in the world is Cambodia’s Prime Minister Hun Sen from 1985-2021.

Question-8: Which two animals of Kaziranga National Park got a place in the global ‘New Big 5’ list?

Answer: Elephant and Tiger

Elephant and tiger of Kaziranga National Park find place in global ‘New Big 5’ list New Big 5 project aims to spread awareness about the crisis facing the world’s wildlife, Global ‘New Big 5’ list In addition to elephants and tigers, gorillas, polar bears, and lions got a place.

Question-9: Which state government launched the “HIT” Kovid app to monitor Kovid-19 patients living in isolation at home?

Answer: Bihar Government.

“HIT” Kovid App has been launched by the Government of Bihar to monitor the Kovid-19 patients living in isolation at home.

Question-10: With whom did the Indian government partner to digitally educate children in schools running in tribal areas of the country?

Answer: Microsoft

The Government of India has partnered with Microsoft to digitally educate children in the schools running in the tribal areas of the country.