Daily Current Affairs 30 May 2021 in Hindi & English

Daily Current Affairs 29 May 2021 English

Question-1 Who will be the lone Indian ref to wrestle at the Tokyo Olympics?

Answer: Ashok Kumar


Question-2 Who has launched the facility of immediate allocation of PAN (permanent account number)?

Answer: Nirmala Sitharaman


Question-3 In which nation will the excess matches of IPL 2021 be played?

Answer: UAE


Question-4 Which plan was dispatched by the Ministry of Education to prepare young writers?

Answer: Pradhan Mantri Yojana Youth


Question-5 Who has been made a member of the Olympic Channel Commission by the Indian Olympic Affiliation (IOC)?

Answer: Narinder Batra


Question-6 Which OPD portal was launched by the central government to provide telemedicine services to military personnel?

Answer: SeHAT ( Services e-Health Assistance and Tele-Consultation)


Question-7 India has signed a loan agreement with ADB (Asian Development Bank) for the advancement of streets in which state?

Answer: Maharashtra


Question-8 How long has the 36th National Games been delayed because of Kovid-19?

Answer:  West Bengal


Question-9 When is World Appetite Day celebrated?

Answer: 28 May


Question-10 Who won the Europa League title for the first time in the history of 98 years by defeating the United English Football Club?

Answer: Spanish Club Villarreal